1. First night, all drivers draw for heats. Qualifiersredraw forstarting positions.

  2. From second night on, heats are lined up byseason point average, stagger inverted, lowest point average to front,highest point average to rear. New drivers carrying no point averagestart at the rear. Two or more drivers having no average or same pointaverage will be lined up at discretion of officials. Point averages arefigured from point system. Average is figured by drivers track pointtotal divided by the total number of times he/she has competed attrack.

  3. B, C Mains are lined up straight up from heats withhighestfinishers to front.

  4. Top six qualifiers will be inverted for featurelineup according toseason point average.

  5. A driver that qualifies but has no point averageshall be lined upin last invert position. Should there be more than one driver with nopoint average, positions will be lined up at discretion of officials.

  6. If a driver is absent for two consecutiveevents(excludingrain-outs), upon his/her return shall be treated as a new car for thefirst week he/she returns.


  1. Weekly A Feature win is 40 points, with eachsubsequent positionworth one point less.

  2. Should a driver qualify for B feature or A feature,and not be ableto compete, they will be scored in last position or receive pointsaccordingly. (Promoters discretion whether vacated position is filledin feature by next qualified driver.)

  3. If less than ten entries for any given night, foreach car less thanten, one point fewer than normal is awarded for the feature finish. Forexample, if nine cars entered, feature win would then be worth 39points.: for eight entries, win would be worth 38 points, ect.

  4. Drivers best 7 out of 8 nights will be counted forthe SeasonPoints.(Worst Night/Missed Night not counted)